Head Start

Children Ages 3 – 5

The curriculum is designed to:

  • Support the child’s full development while providing an environment that will promote school readiness.

  • Develop safe and healthy habits in young children with an emphasis on proper hygiene, sound nutrition, exercise and physical care.

  • Foster positive self-esteem by providing an environment of acceptance that supports and respects gender, culture, language, ethnicity and family composition.

  • Provide opportunities for creative expression.

  • Support the development of social skills such as sharing, cooperation, generosity and empathy.

  • Stimulate cognitive problem-solving skills with an emphasis on the concepts of cause and effect, classification, space, time, numbers, shape and colors.

  • Strengthen communication skills necessary for listening, reading, writing and speaking by providing an environment rich in the practical uses of words.

  • Enhance fine motor and gross motor skills.


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