Head Start and Carbon County Child Development Programs

Carbon County Child Development Programs serves children ages 3-5 through Head Start. This program provides children with learning activities that focus on social, physical, emotional, and intellectual growth. Head Start also offers services for the families of enrolled children. These services support parents in their role as a child’s first teacher since doing so helps to strengthen family ties. Head Start focuses on the developmental needs of the child and family. Enrollment is prioritized based on income eligibility; families with special needs or foster children are encouraged to apply.


  • To provide a positive learning environment for young children.
  • To promote the social, physical, intellectual, and emotional development of children enrolled in the program.

  • To ensure that our services are available to those who need it most.
  • To provide families with services or referrals necessary to ensure needs are adequately met.
  • To involve parents in education of their child through involvement in the program.
  • To help families overcome factors that put their children at risk.
  • To provide provisions that all children receive medical and dental services.
  • To educate families about health, mental health, and nutrition issues as well as available services.

  • To ensure the provision of meals and snacks that are nutritious and meet USDA requirements.
  • To give children the opportunity to learn in an environment that meets their individual needs.


It's never too early to apply. Click the button below to complete an enrollment application for our Head Start program. Items required to complete the enrollment process are listed on the enrollment form.